Hello 2017

So I’m back in the saddle for 2017…

Gigs begin on March 14th in London, then calling at Kemsing, Tunbridge Wells, Eastbourne, Bracknell and Reading. As with the December tour that didn’t quite complete itself, I’ll be singing a mixture of old and new songs that are close to my heart. Huge thanks to everyone for the support I received in December when some gigs had to be cancelled. Some of those have been rebooked for the Spring, and some will happen later in the year when I tour to promote the new album. Full details are here

Originally the new album was planned for release in the Spring too, but recording had to be paused for a while recently. We’re back working on it now though, and during the last session I recorded double bass on the 8 songs so far. Playing the bass myself is cheaper than hiring someone else I guess! The other wonderful musicians that will be gracing it will include piano, accordion, flute, violin, percussion, cello and lots of other lovely voices. Things will be rumbling along in the background for now, and I’ll keep you posted. So less gigs until album release in the Autumn…

And if you’ve noticed that I’m currently not hanging around on Spotify or iTunes, that’s due to Irregular Records changing distributors, and it should be sorted soon.

Thanks for sticking with me, lots more news soon. Don’t forget to join the mailing list while you’re here.

Hope to see some of you out there

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